Plantmark grows organically with Arrow

Plantmark is Australia’s only integrated national wholesaler of green life and environmental products. Since 1984 Plantmark has been growing and expanding its business. Today, they operate in all states of Australia and New Zealand, with an annual turnover for the group exceeding $60 million. Plantmark is a dynamic organisation providing customers with outstanding service, and consistent expansion and development of its product range.

In the initial selection process, the Plantmark management team considered a number of different systems. After seeing a customised demonstration of the Arrow system, delivered by Arrow business partner Evolution Business Systems (EBS), the Plantmark management team was impressed with the software and had confidence in both Arrow and EBS.

“I’m very happy with our investment in Arrow and the work EBS has undertaken for our organisation.
Without this system, we could not grow or expand our operations. I estimate our annual savings to fall in the ballpark of $100,000 per annum, directly attributable to implementing Arrow.”

Client Profile:

Plantmark Australia’s Largest Wholesale Nursery. Supplying the Trade for over 25 years
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